Ingredients to Avoid

Ingredients to Avoid

Halo advocates consumer awareness, so we’ve put together the following terms to help you understand the potentially harmful ingredients found in some pet products.

Artificial coloring:
Used in many pet foods and treats, including rawhide chew toys, to entice the owner into buying the product. Can be harmful and cause toxicity. Has no nutritional value and has caused allergic reactions in some people.

A preservative and potentially dangerous for the kidneys.

Used to retard spoilage and more toxic than BHA.

A preservative and color enhancer. These include: sodium nitrate, ethoxyguin and sodium nitrite.

Corn syrup:
Used to give food a dampness and flexibility (as in semi-moist foods and treats). It’s pure sugar, which is harmful to pets. They can get addicted to this taste and can cause the “finicky eater” syndrome.

Dry blood meal:
An inexpensive source of poor quality protein in some dog and cat foods. It is very indigestible.

Mono Sodium Glutamate (MSG):
A flavor enhancer used to disguise inferior food quality. High percentage of allergic reactions in pets and people.

Propyl gallate:
Chemical used to retard spoilage.

Propylene glycol:
Chemical used in anti-freeze and a solvent in brake fluids. Used as a preservative and flavor enhancer in foods. Tastes very sweet.

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