Vegan Diet for Dogs

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Dr Donna Spector

An open letter to Animal Lovers who are considering a vegan diet for their dog

May 21, 2012

Halo recognizes there are limited options for owners wishing to feed vegan. Halo’s motivation behind creating the Vegan Garden Medley Wet and Dry Formula for Dogs was to provide a healthful, complete and balanced option using the highest quality natural ingredients possible.

Halo’s new Vegan Garden Medley is not intended to be used by everyone—but is a choice for individuals who are vegetarian/vegan and want to feed their pet that way or for those who have a dog with a medical issue that prevents them from eating meat (e.g. severe food allergy, etc.). Halo will not be formulating a vegetarian or vegan recipe for cats who are obligate carnivores and whose nutritional needs are very different from dogs.

As a veterinarian, my preference is that owners choose to feed their dogs meat-based diets. Meat proteins more closely resemble the essential amino acid requirements of dogs than do plant proteins and it is far easier to provide a dog’s essential nutrients through the inclusion of meat in the diet. To insure that a vegan formula meets the nutritional levels required by adult dogs, certain vitamins must be supplemented in a vegetable-based diet. While it is well recognized that it is easier to formulate and balance a meat-based diet, it is absolutely possible to create a well-balanced vegetarian/vegan diet that meets all nutritional requirements of adult dogs.

Halo has worked closely with animal nutritionists and the manufacturer of the Vegan Garden Medley to ensure that it is a complete and balanced diet and the diet is formulated to meet nutritional levels established by AAFCO.

As with all Halo products, this formula contains no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives and also no corn, soy or wheat gluten. Additionally, all vegetable ingredients are USA-sourced. The minerals in this formula are all in chelated forms in order to provide maximal absorption and the vitamins used are USA-sourced and also vegan. Halo is choosing to use the best possible real whole food ingredients in this formula—just as they do with all their foods.

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