Adopted Cat Hides and Hangs on for more than 400 Miles!

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by Bethany Meissner

dog stops assault
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Photo Credit: Paul

Truck driver Paul Robertson and his adopted orange cat Percy have covered thousands of miles together. According to MPR News, Paul drives while Percy perches on the special platform Paul made him, looking out the window and basking in the sun. They have a great life on the road. However, one night nearly changed all that.

Percy was feeling ill and pulled into a rest stop in Ohio to rest up for the night. When he went to sleep, Percy was next to him. The next morning Percy was gone and the passenger window was down. Paul told MPR that he didn’t know if Percy had “been gone five minutes or an hour or three hours.” He started shaking Percy’s food bag and calling Percy’s name while walking around the truck. He shook down bushes, looking everywhere he could. He felt scared and a bad winter storm was on its way.

Paul and Percy had picked up a social media following in their travels due to Paul’s photo work with roller derby teams. He posted on Facebook: “This day can totally eat it.” His community immediately showed up. Within minutes he had texts from across the country, as well as other countries. People called shelters and showed up to help search. It was to no avail. By the next day, Paul had to leave but there was still no sign of Percy. People promised to continue looking, but Paul felt awful. On Facebook, Paul shared that it “seemed like the worst moment of the worst day ever.”

Paul made his next delivery. Then he drove to a mining plant in Indiana. At that point Paul had now driven 400 miles without Percy sitting next to him. As he headed back to the truck after picking up paperwork, he spotted a cat walking out from underneath the cab. Paul was confused.

dog stops assault
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Photo Credit: Paul

“I’m thinking my cat is 400 miles behind me, dying in the snow,” he told MPR. Then: “I suddenly recognize him. He just looks up at me with the big eyes, like: ‘Dad?’”

Paul immediately picked up Percy and just began to cuddle him in the truck. Percy was jumping on and off Paul, smelly from the truck fumes but otherwise miraculously dry and unhurt. Paul still isn’t sure how Percy stayed safe, but after talking with the mechanics at his truck yard, he thinks Percy might have hidden by the fuel tanks or on top of the transmission under the cab. As Paul put it, “He found a spot, wedged himself in, and clearly wasn’t coming out for nothing” until it was safe!

That night, Paul posted on Facebook to let everyone know the good news: “CALL OFF THE SEARCH!!! PERCY IS OKAY!!!” Paul thanked everyone who had helped and cared. He wrote “This little orange furry soul means the world to me.”

Later, Paul shared more on Facebook after the reunion. Paul posted a photo of Percy and wrote that during the year since he had adopted Percy, he would “frequently pick him up…then hug him and whisper to him, ‘You’ve had it tough, but you’re okay now. I’ll take care of you. You’ll always have a warm bed and good food and water, and I’ll always look out for you. Don’t worry. You’re safe.’” We’re so glad that Percy and Paul have many miles more together to look out for each other and keep each other safe.

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