Adopted Senior Cat Keeps Owner Safe from Blackouts

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by Bethany Meissner

There are all sorts of theories as to why cats seem to have a special talent for getting in the way of their people. According to the Eastern Daily Press, Lunar, a gray cat in Norfolk, UK, does it to protect her owner, Ali Coles, from dangerous blackouts.

Ali Coles adopted 13-year-old Lunar from Cats Protection in October 2016. Ali shared with Eastern Daily Press that she uses a wheelchair. When Ali noticed that Lunar regularly got in her way when Ali needed to stand, the 29-year-old “thought she was just being annoying,” Ali said. However, that soon changed. Ali told reporters that “I realized she’d do it [before] every time I fainted.”

Ali described it further, saying “Whenever I’m about to suffer a blackout, Lunar will come and sit on me in such a way that I can’t stand up. Or if I’m already standing up, she will stand on my feet and refuse to move.” Lunar’s perceptive actions prepare Ali for the blackout. Ali explained, “If I’m sitting or lying down, then I’m less likely to injure myself when I black out.”

Blackouts are more common for Ali than for many people because she suffers from orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. In addition, she can suffer serious injuries from falling over from a blackout because she also has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome which gives a person loose skin and fragile joints. Lunar’s assistance has saved Ali from dangerous falls.

Ali used to black out multiple times each day and experience fractures and other injuries that could cause weeks of recovery. Now, because of Lunar, she blackouts less often and has fewer injuries. Ali shared that Lunar has “helped so many times.”

Ali said, “I can’t tell when I’m about to have a blackout, but Lunar most certainly can.” She shared that her “vet thinks that Lunar is able to sense the subtle chemical change which happens prior to a fainting episode.”

Ali didn’t choose Lunar as a medical assistance pet, even though some animals do receive special training to detect medical problems. Ali told reporters, “I fell in love with her straight away, she always wants to be around you.” That love seems to be mutual between beloved Lunar and her lucky owner!

Photo Credti:Ben Lister/PA Wire
Photo Credti:Ali Coles

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