America's Best Loved Holistic Brand

America’s Best Loved Holistic Brand

America’s Best Loved Holistic Brand

Our focus is to deliver pet food that helps you feed your growing kittens and puppies, thriving cats and dogs, sensitive stomachs, and picky eaters purely and with unconditional love.

Along the way, pet parents and pet shelter professionals started to notice how Halo is different—and not just at mealtime. They’ve seen how Halo transforms animals from the inside out, and they started to talk about it.

So we compared 14 leading brands (collectively more than 2/3 of natural pet food sales), and found that Halo is #1 in positive media, social media engagement and influence, and with pet shelter professionals who have seen first-hand how Halo helps make shelter pets more adoptable.

Halo is Best Loved in a variety of ways:

  • #1 in Social Media influence (October 2016)

  • #1 with Twitter followers and the first pet food brand to hit 50,000 followers (October 2016)

  • #1 with shelter professionals (77% surveyed said they would choose Halo over any other brand, 2012)

  • 1st to win Canine Cancer Foundation Seal of Excellence (2009)

  • #2 in Facebook engagement

  • #2 in Klout score (October 2016)

Hey, that’s something else Halo and I have in common—we get a lotta likes.