Family Dog Rescues Trapped Dad and Boys

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by Bethany Meissner

dog stops assault
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Photo Credit: Steve Bayers/the Canadian Pressr

Playing in the snow can be an idyllic activity for a family. Building a snow fort with your son and his friend while your golden retriever frolics in the powder sounds like a dream, right? Well, for one man in Nova Scotia, that dream turned into a nightmare until the family dog came to their rescue.

According to The Globe and Mail, 13-year-old Ben Bayers and his friend, Adam Inch, were building a snow fort with Steve, Ben’s dad on February 18, 2017. Suddenly, while the two boys were taking a break inside the fort, laughter turned to near tragedy. Steve told reporters that “everybody was laughing and having a great time. And then the lights went out.”

The fort had collapsed on top of Steve, Ben, and Adam. Steve said that he could hear the boys screaming just a few feet from him, but that he was unable to move due to how heavy the snow was. Steve told the two teenagers to keep breathing and to try not to panic.

Then help appeared in the form of Zoose, the Bayers family’s five-year-old golden retriever. Zoose began to dig Steve out of the snow. Steve told reporters that he wasn’t sure how long he was trapped, but “I heard a bark and felt a tugging on my jacket, so I knew it was my dog.” Steve continued, “He was trying to pull me out.”

With Zoose’s help Steve was able to get himself free, then call for help. A neighbor with three friends heard and began shoveling through the snow to find Ben and Adam. “They were screaming that they couldn’t breathe, but I knew if they were screaming, the were breathing,” Steve said. All told, the three were buried for about ten minutes total. Steve broke a bone and twisted his knee, while his son suffered a minor concussion along with some soreness. Adam came away sore, but otherwise uninjured.

Steve talks about the accident as a “near-fatal incident.” We’re sure he’s grateful for Zoose’s quick thinking that meant Steve and the boys are able to tell their harrowing tale.

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