Ohio Cat Saves Family From Fire

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by Bethany Meissner

Maddie’s Fund
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Photo Credit:Cleveland 19 News

When Alexandra Brown saved a stray cat covered in oil, she never knew that he would return the favor only a few months later. In June 2016, she found a tabby cat in Bowling Green covered in oil and obviously in need of help. She brought the cat home to her family of five and begged to be allowed to keep him. Her kind-hearted family agreed and the cat earned a home, a collar, and the name Freddie after the Bowling Green State University mascot.

According to Cleveland 19 News, just a few months later, on November 10, Freddie saved the family who saved him. That day Freddie woke up Alexandra’s dad early in the morning, before he usually would have gotten up. Mr. Brown went to the backroom of the house, by the garage, where he goes every morning upon waking up.

Maddie’s Fund
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Photo Credit: The Brown Family

Mr. Brown immediately noticed a popping noise and smoke. He woke up the rest of the family and got them outside before any of them could be harmed. Thankfully the damage didn’t go too far into the home. However, the family will be staying in a hotel for a bit because their electricity and heat needed to be cut while the fire is investigated and cleaned up.

The family is thankful for the help they’ve received from their insurance company, the Red Cross, and their community. They’re most grateful to little Freddie though. Alexandra joked to a reporter that she doesn’t think the family will “be yelling at Freddie for getting on counters anymore” and that he’ll be getting some extra treats and play time in the future to show their gratitude.

“We’ve always loved him….I think we’re all just happy that everyone made it out safe,” said Alexandra. She summed it up when she said, “we saved him, now he gets to save us.”

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