Cat Saves Life by Donating Blood

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by Bethany Meissner

Sometimes we all need a helping hand. In the case of Yoko, an eight-month-old kitty in England, she needed the gift of life – a blood transfusion.

According to the Lincolnshire Reporter, Yoko was brought to Blue Cross animal hospital in Grimsby, a seaport town in Lincolnshire, England. Her family had noticed that she wasn’t eating well, seeming to have little energy, and quickly losing weight. Veterinarians determined that Yoko was suffering severe anemia. Yoko would have to receive a blood transfusion to keep her condition from worsening.

The veterinarians contacted Sharon Hanson. Sharon is the owner of a two-year-old cat named Tiddles who was the right size and temperament to give blood. She rushed Tiddles to the hospital to help. Once there, Tiddles gave about two tablespoons of blood to Yoko. Yoko was carefully monitored and nursed throughout the transfusion to ensure she didn’t have a bad reaction to the new blood.

The transfusion was a success and Yoko, thanks to Tiddles, is on the road to recovery. Sharon told reporters, “I was a bit worried how Tiddles would cope with giving blood, but he was absolutely fine. I’m really proud of him.”

She’s not the only one. Tracy Nicholson, a Blue Cross vet nurse, also praised the large black and white cat. “Tiddles is a superstar,” Tracy said. “We are so grateful to him and his owner for coming to our aid and helping Yoko on the road to her recovery.”

Are you inspired by Tiddles? If you want to give the gift of life to other humans, reach out to your local hospital or see when the Red Cross is next holding a blood drive near you. If you think your pet might be right for giving blood, talk to your veterinarian and leave a comment!

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