Cat Saves Litter of Puppies

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by Bethany Meissner

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Photo Credit: Pets without Parents

People joke about cats and dogs being enemies, but pet lovers know that’s not the case. In fact, one feline recently was a hero to a litter of canines in need. Having just been rescued herself, this calico cat in Sevierville, Tennessee paid the favor forward and rescued nine puppies.

According to Local 8 Now, Pets without Parents Shelter, Inc. found the calico cat wandering after a recent wildfire. After Pets without Parents took the pretty cat in and named her Cali, she gave birth to four kittens. On April 18, while Cali was nursing her kittens before they could become available for adoption, a situation arose. Nine newborn puppies needed to nurse, but didn’t have their own mother. “We really didn’t know what to do,” Daniel Langston, director of Pets without Parents, told Local 8 Now. “But then it just popped in my head, ‘well, we have a mom cat.’”

Daniel and the team at Pets without Parents decided to give it a try and see if Cali would be willing to nurse the puppies. It was a success! “They all started nursing, and she just sprawled out like, ‘I’m a mom, this is what I was meant to do,’” shared Daniel.

Pets without Parents posted a photo of Cali and the pups on Facebook, calling Cali “a life saver” and noting that “Miss Cali is going to get [the puppies] started on their way to being healthy and happy puppies, at least until we get some fosters in line to bottle feed for the weeks to come!”

Pets without Parents commented on Facebook that Cali was “a guardian angel for the night” who allowed the shelter “enough time to find suitable fosters.” Three days later they shared that the “Babies are doing great, they are all happily nursing with foster moms.” We’re happy that the shelter was so creative and that Cali was so generous.

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