Cat Saves Little Boys From Bullies

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by Bethany Meissner

dog stops assault
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Photo Credits: The Mirror

Any kid who has been picked on by bullies has wished for a savior to fly to the rescue. For two brothers in Doncaster, England that savior was their family cat, Smudge. Three years earlier Sarah Fenton met Smudge. She told The Mirror that “it was just love at first sight. He was so small and cute, and I knew we just had to have him.” Since then, Smudge has become “a big part of the family,” with Sarah describing him as “more of a brother to the boys than a cat.” Sarah’s two sons are Ethan, age five, and Ashton, age two. Just like any big brother, Smudge reacted when bullies messed with Ethan and Ashton.

Ethan and Ashton were playing soccer (known as football in England) when Sarah saw three bullies approach. Sarah described them as “much taller and older than Ethan.” She heard them shout Ethan’s name, but Ethan ignored the bullies and kept playing with his brother. Then things escalated. According to Sarah they yelled again “and then one of the boys got in Ethan’s face and said ‘Oi! Why are you ignoring me?’ and pushed [Ethan] over.”

Sarah ran outside just as Smudge reacted to Ethan being knocked down. Sarah told reporters that she “saw Smudge fly out from under our car and jump on the boy’s chest.” Then, “the boy stumbled backwards, burst into tears, and then ran off,” as she told the story. Normally Smudge isn’t aggressive, but Sarah said that “it was absolutely brilliant seeing him look out for Ethan like that.”

dog stops assault
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Photo Credits:The Mirror

Smudge isn’t letting his guard drop – he’s been sleeping outside Ethan’s room ever since the incident with the bullies. Sarah told reporters, “I actually feel so much safer knowing Smudge is around after seeing him defend [Ethan] like that.” We bet Ethan feels the same way about his feline best friend.

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