Cat Scratches and Saves Owners from Home Collapse

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by Bethany Meissner

Few people like to be woken up by their cats, especially if that wake up involves their kitty’s claws. However, the owners of Baxter, a gray and white shorthair cat, are grateful for his scratches. His forewarning helped them survive the collapse of their West Philadelphia home!

According to, the couple wishes to remain anonymous, although they did release the name of their hero cat, Baxter. Around 4:30 a.m. on Wednesday, July 26, the husband woke up to Baxter scratching him. The gentleman had fallen asleep on a couch in the home given to him by his grandmother. Because of Baxter’s attentions, the husband stood up from the couch and followed Baxter out of the room.

At the same time, the wife heard the noises coming from Baxter and her husband while she was upstairs in a bedroom. Then she heard a loud creaking from the wall of their rowhome. The wife tried to get downstairs, but before she was all the way down, the home’s load-bearing southern wall collapsed – trapping the woman on the steps!

Two friends were on their way home from a nearby casino and thankfully had sharp ears. One of the friends, called Bones, told the locals news that they “heard a scream and [saw] a lady was dangling from the steps.” Bones and his friend immediately rushed over and helped, finding both the woman and her husband caught on the stairs. After helping them to the ground, the friends called 911.

Bones told the news that “the cat basically warned” the couple, agreeing with the husband who credited the cat with why he and his wife were unhurt. Initially Baxter was missing, worrying the couple. However, members of Red Paw Emergency Relief Team arrived on the scene and learned that Baxter was likely still in the home in a bedroom on what remained of the second floor. With the help of the demolition crew, the city’s Office of Licenses and Inspections, and a kind neighbor with a 20 foot ladder, the team was able to rescue Baxter and carry him down to safety just “moments before the house was demolished,” according to the team’s Facebook page. The team reported that Baxter was not hurt by the collapse and was able to be safely reunited with his owners. Although the couple lost everything except the clothes in which they escaped, because of the bravery of the Red Paw Emergency Relief Team, they didn’t lose their beloved cat who saved their lives. We’re so happy they still have each other.

Missing Woman
Photo Credit: NBC10

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