Adult cat

Adult Cats

Halo Holistic Wet & Dry Adult Cat Food

Holistic cat food made with real WHOLE meat, poultry, or fish, and no “meat meal,” like “chicken meal” or “fish meal”

Halo’s dry cat food and canned cat food for adult cats is made with real WHOLE meat, poultry, or fish protein, non-GMO vegetables, and added vitamins and minerals, providing a nutritionally balanced diet made with the finest quality ingredients.

For a healthy cat food, choose highly digestible Halo because cats can use and retain more of the nutrients in their food.

Halo wet food and dry food each deliver—on their own—all of your cat's nutritional needs. If you feed your cat dry kibble, our preference for optimal pet health is to include some wet food each day for added hydration.

Now with DreamCoat®

Halo dry cat food is now made with DreamCoat® for smooth skin and shiny coat.

With our commitment to choosing holistic ingredients that help make your cat look and feel healthy from the inside out, we have added DreamCoat® to our dry cat food recipes. 

Halo Cat Food FAQs:

  • While pets get excited by the great aroma of Halo’s real WHOLE meat, poultry, or fish, their unique digestive enzymes need a little time to adapt completely to a new food. For most cats and dogs, that’s about 7-10 days, and for sensitive stomachs, about 2-3 weeks. Guidelines for changing your pet’s current dry or wet food to Halo dry or wet food*:

    • Days 1-3 75% old food, 25% Halo
    • Days 4-5 50% old food, 50% Halo
    • Days 6-7 25% old food, 75% Halo
    • Days 8+ 100% Halo

    *Pets with sensitive stomachs may need to transition a little more slowly to avoid any digestive upset.

    Remember that Halo offers pet parents a money back guarantee, Feed for 14 Days, Love it or it's Free!

  • No. For most pets, grains are a good source of energy and essential nutrients, as well as fiber. If your pet has a grain sensitivity, you may want to choose a grain-free formula. Both dogs and cats can do well on whole grain and/or grain-free diets.

  • Pet food allergies are often protein related which is one reason why most Halo diets are formulated with a single species protein such as turkey and turkey liver, chicken and chicken liver, or fish combinations, so if your dog has a chicken allergy, for example, you can choose one of the other protein formulas. Also, all Halo diets are formulated to be free of animals raised with antibiotics, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Whole grain and grain free recipes are also available.

  • For pets with sensitivities, Halo offers diets utilizing real WHOLE meat, poultry, and fish protein sources that are commonly known to be less allergenic, such as duck, salmon, or turkey. Our Garden of Vegan® formula replaces meat, poultry, or fish protein with peas and chickpeas.

    Specially formulated hypoallergenic diets (for animals that require them) are available through your veterinarian.