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Dog Saves Owner from Assault on a Texas Trail

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by Bethany Meissner Photo Credit: KHOU 11 News If you were jogging in the woods and a man grabbed you, hopefully you’d have someone else at your side to save you. According to KHOU 11 News, a normally gentle and friendly dog, did just that for his owner in Texas in late January. Catalina Humphrey […]

Facebook Group Rescues Lost Blind Cat

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In January, a seven-year-old blind cat got lost outside his home in Waltham, England. The weather in January was bitterly cold and dangerous for a cat used to the indoors. Thankfully, due to Facebook and the kindness of concerned cat lovers, his story has a happy ending.

Observant Dog Saves Elderly Neighbor

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Sometimes people worry about living next door to a dog. For one elderly man in Australia, he’s lucky that he did. After falling in his backyard and being unable to get help, Zeus, a neighbor’s observant dog, came to the rescue.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Saves Woman from Fire

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Pam Fardoe originally said no when a friend asked her if she wanted a dog whose owner no longer had time for him. Thankfully, when her friend brought around a sweet Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Pam “took one look at him and said, ‘Oh, go on then!” She kept the dog and named him Dukey.

Cat Convinces Man to Evacuate Ahead of Wildfire

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Mark Burger knew that there were wildfires somewhat close to his store and home in Gatlinburg, TN on Monday, November 28. However, he wasn’t worried because no evacuation alert had been sent to his mobile phone. Fortunately, Tiger, his Siamese cat knew to be worried – and to alert Mark!

Halo Enhances Food for Alberta Pets in Need

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Halo, in partnership with and, recently donated enough mix ‘n mores to the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Shelter (AARCS) to enhance 188,000 bowls of kibble! Because of the mix ‘n mores, pets at AARCS will find that their bowls not only get a boost in terms of taste and smell, but also a boost of high quality protein.

Hero Cat Saves Trapped Neighbor

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Many cat parents have brushed off their cats’ demands for attention. It’s a good thing that Mary Johnston on Manitoulin Island in Ontario, Canada paid attention

Ohio Shelter Dog Saves Cat

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If two people can’t get along, some might say that they “fight like cats and dogs.” However, animal lovers know that sometimes cats and dogs can be the best of friends. In the case of a cat and dog in Ohio, one was the other’s hero.