Dog Runs Away To Find Missing Elderly Woman

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by Bethany Meissner

It’s always scary when a pet runs away from home. However, the Ward family in Durham, England, had an extra joyful reunion with their dog, Flash, after he disappeared overnight. While away from home, Flash managed to find a woman who had been missing since the day before!

According to The Telegraph, an elderly woman disappeared on Saturday, July 22. Police began searching for the woman at the request of her family. The search involved a search and rescue team, members of the public, a police helicopter, and more than 20 officers. As one officer noted, “The whole community chipped in.” However, it was the ten-month-old Patterdale Terrier, Flash, who ended up the hero.

Sergeant Barry Evans said, “a dog [Flash] belonging to a local resident had accompanied officers as they searched the fields. Flash went and laid down near a hedgerow…This led a family member of the missing person to discover the woman.” She was “apparently unhurt from the overnight exposure although a little distressed.”

PC Karl Heseltine assisted with the search and confirmed Flash’s importance in finding the woman. On the Durham Police’s website he is quoted as saying, “The dog definitely played a part. Without Flash, she might not have been found so soon.”

The daughter of the woman asked to remain anonymous. She expressed her gratitude for everyone who helped find her mother, giving Flash a special mention by saying he “was absolutely lovely.”

Elijah Ward, Senior told the police, after Flash’s return home “We went straight out and bought him lots of treats. He’s a little hero really. We’re just glad of the outcome.” Thirteen-year-old Elijah Ward, Junior added, “He’s amazing. I’m so proud.” We’re not surprised. Who wouldn’t be proud of a fantastic dog like Flash?

Missing Woman
Photo Credt:Durham Police

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