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Halo Holistic Supplements for Dogs

Halo's new holistic supplements are given conveniently during or after meal time. Unlike common pill or chewable form supplements, Halo's shake-on and spoonable supplements don't include any binders, fillers, or added flavors. Just 100% WHOLE ingredients (like turmeric, ginkgo biloba, and ginger root) that have been tested for purity. No dextrose, starch, corn starch, sodium chloride, soy, caramel color, cellulose, magnesium stearate, or silicon dioxide...ingredients often found in chewables. And, because you can spoon on just the right amount for your dog's size & weight, you don't need to give your dog multiple chews containing fillers or glycerin.

Ingredients Tested for Purity

Every ingredient in Halo supplements goes through a purity and potency analysis as it enters our production facility. Since all ingredients have a unique biological fingerprint, we analyze each one to make sure it's exactly as specified, so you know that what you're giving your dog is tested and wholesome.

Supplementing Your Dog's WHOLE Health

For over 30 years, Halo has been delivering WHOLE FOOD nutrition that satisfies both your dog’s daily nutritional needs as well as long-term health. Similarly, we’ve designed our supplements to add meaningful doses of 100% WHOLE ingredients that work with the physiology of your WHOLE dog—not just a single system. This means that our supplements are each formulated to support and address a specific condition while also benefiting your dog's overall health, aging, and wellness.

Made with only the good ingredients your dog needs.

o No Fillers, Sugars, Glycerin
o Nothing Artificial
o Non-GMO
o Naturally Delicious