Vegan dog food

Halo® Holistic Vegan Dog Food

A complete and balanced daily non-meat diet for dogs

Halo’s dry vegan dog food and canned vegan dog food are made with chickpeas, non-GMO vegetables and fruits, nourishing oils, and added vitamins and minerals, providing a nutritionally balanced diet made with the finest quality ingredients for a happy dog—inside and out. Halo Garden of Vegan® does not contain any rice. Our completely plant-based protein comes from whole grains, green peas, and chickpeas.

Halo wet food and dry food each deliver—on their own—all of your dog's nutritional needs. If you feed your dog dry kibble, our preference for optimal pet health is to include some wet food each day for added hydration.

vegan dog food

Did you know that eating vegan once a week reduces your carbon pawprint?

Halo Garden of Vegan®

A holistic alternative diet for protein sensitive dogs


All fruits and vegetables are sourced from farmland that prohibits the use of Genetically Modified Seeds. Learn more about our commitment to non-GMO.