Halo Enhances Food for Alberta Pets in Need

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by Bethany Meissner

mix 'n mores
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Halo, in partnership with Freekibble.com and GreaterGood.org, recently donated enough mix ‘n mores to the Albert Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) to enhance 188,000 bowls of kibble! Because of the mix ‘n mores, pets at AARCS will find that their bowls not only get a boost in terms of taste and smell, but also a boost of high quality protein.

There are many reasons shelter pets might not show much of an appetite. In the same way that people sometimes get an upset stomach when they’re stressed, the same can happen to shelter pets. When that happens shelter volunteers and fosters can struggle to entice pets into eating – even when the food is high quality! Every shelter is familiar with the difficulty of piquing a stressed pet’s interest in food. Often, it’s one of the first tasks that a shelter can face before they can do any training or health work for homeless pets.

As Lindsay Black at AARCS said, “Helping restore appetites and nourish our pets back to health is the first step toward preparing them to be adopted into a new loving home.” It’s important to Halo to do what we can to help pets find and stay in loving homes.

Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society
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Photo Credit: Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society

Lindsay noted that “This high-quality food donation from Halo will help the hundreds of pets we have under our care that are suffering from loss of appetite and many digestive issues as a result of being relocated from their home.”

AARCS is a non-profit animal rescue that takes in more than 250 pets every month from rural communities. The large network of volunteers and fosters plans to use Halo’s donation in both their quarantine and intake facility as well as in their foster homes.

Mix ‘n mores are freeze-dried so they don’t have any of the shrinking or toughness that can result from dehydrated meat. Freeze drying preserves the aroma and flavor of fresh meat, meaning that when mix ‘n mores are moistened, they taste like fresh meat to the most finicky of pets. These little bites pack a punch. Every 6 oz. bag contains enough mix ‘n mores to enhance 22 bowls of food!

Like everything else from Halo, mix ‘n mores include only whole and wholesome ingredients with no artificial colors, preservatives, or flavors. Shelters and consumers can trust the quality of mix ‘n mores because they know that Halo has prioritized nutritious and high quality ingredients for 30 years.

Do you have a picky eater or stressed out pet in your loving home? Every purchase of Halo, including our mix ‘n mores, helps Halo feed it forward. Your purchases enable us to donate more than 1.5 million bowls of Halo to shelter pets every year in collaboration with Freekibble.com, GreaterGood.org, and The Humane Society of the United States.

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