Indiana Cat Prevents Burglary

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by Bethany Meissner

An unusual night for Cynthia Kootz could have ended in tragedy, but for the heroic efforts of her cat, Binky. Normally Binky plays nicely with children and people he knows, but he knew how to use his teeth to protect his owner when she needed him.

One June night, Cynthia heard Binky start growling around midnight. “I was shocked,” Cynthia told WTHR. She thought he might be growling because of a noise in their Indianapolis backyard so she asked her boyfriend about it. Cynthia told reporters, “I went outside, didn’t see anything, so I shut the light off and shut the garage.”

Shortly after that, Cynthia heard a man banging on her front windows. The man tried to convince Cynthia to let him in the house. She told reporters that he was “trying to tell me that men were out to shoot him, kill him.” Cynthia refused to let the man in, so he tried to force his way inside.

“Next thing I knew, his hand went through [the window] and next thing I knew, Binky went after him,” Cynthia said. The man then tried again, but Binky was determined to protect Cynthia. She told reporters that on the man’s second attempt, “Binky blowed up like a balloon and got him again.”

When police officers showed up, they arrested the man who needed medical attention as a result of Binky’s actions. The police called paramedics to attend to the man’s wounds. The foiled intruder had a hard time convincing the paramedics and police that the damage was caused by a cat.

Cynthia was shocked by Binky’s fierce attack, but thankful for his protection. We’re certain Binky is simply grateful he was able to protect his beloved owner.

Photo Credit: WTHR
Photo Credit: WTHR

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