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We're donating 1.5 million bowls to shelters


Kibbler Special

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  • Add $50 of Halo products or more to your cart.
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$20 for Intro Kit
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Includes Kibble, cans, and treats


Instructions for placing your Intro Kit order

  • Only first-time Halo web store customers are eligible.
  • Add the Special Freekibble HALO Intro Kit (dog or cat) to your cart 
  • Just AFTER entering payment information, there will be an opportunity to enter the Coupon Code for the discount (on the same screen that you will then click "submit order"). Don't worry, once you enter it, your TOTAL price will be $20. 
  • Limited time offer - ONE Special Freekibble HALO Intro Kit per customer. 

What Shelters are Saying

We pride ourselves on feeding a good quality food to the animals in our care and Halo Spot's Stew surpasses all our expectations. Thank you Halo and Freekibble!

—San Diego Animal Services

We want to Thank Thank Thank Halo and Freekibble so much! And for this dog food to be of such high standard of food we are overwhelmed with gratitude

—Fayetteville Animal Protection

Coast looked healthier and energy levels dramatically increased. It was a wonderful experience to see the difference...

—Deb, Pet Adoption League