Leonberger Dog Saves Owner’s Life in the Night

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by Bethany Meissner

Sheleagh Shaw and her husband, Ian, have two Leonberger dogs whom they love, Scooby and Jake. The two dogs “love everybody and they are so soft,” according to Sheleagh. After May 25, one of them has a new title in the home. Sheleagh told the Derbyshire Times that now “Scooby is my little hero.”

Sheleagh had an unusual experience after she fell asleep on May 25. In the early hours of May 26, the 55-year-old woman started choking on her own tongue while still asleep. Sheleagh later told the news, “If it had not been for the dog, who knows what could have happened.”

Due to the heat that night, Ian had slept in another room. He woke up to Scooby’s cold nose poking him in the neck. “I woke up,” Ian said. “I could tell [Scooby] was stressed and was telling me to get up. I ran into the other bedroom where Sheleagh was and she was choking on her tongue,” he continued.

Ian immediately called emergency services. He then turned Sheleagh on her side. “He put something cold on her face, then opened all the windows and doors as he anxiously waited for the paramedics. Opening the windows meant that Ian would more easily hear any sirens. Leaving the door open would avoid any delay from Ian having to unlock the door after the paramedics got to the Shaw’s home. Fifteen minutes after Scooby woke Ian, Sheleagh woke up and grabbed Ian’s hand. “When she came round, she did not know where she was,” Ian said.

Ian told reporters, “If [Scooby] had not woke me up, she might not be here today.” After the paramedics arrived, Sheleagh was taken to the hospital. Doctors ordered a CT scan, chest X-ray, and other tests to try and determine what had happened. They eventually told the Shaws that Sheleagh may have had a seizure that night. After 24 hours in the hospital, Sheleagh was released to recover at home with her dogs.

“The dog is an absolute hero,” Ian told reporters. To reward that heroism, the couple treated the dogs to a special meal that weekend. “It is amazing what dogs can sense,” Sheleagh told the Derbyshire Times. We at Halo couldn’t agree more.

Photo Credit: Derbyshire Times

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