Natural Dog Food and Natural Cat Food

Meet Poopsie

Meet Poopsie®

You have to admit, he’s kind of cute, as far as pet “poop” goes. We know – you’re wondering “Why are you talking about Poop?!” It’s simple really - Poopsie represents the healthy poop generated by dogs and cats who eat Halo® natural dog food and natural cat food, Not all dog and cat food is quite so charming, and here’s why:

WHOLE Protein and NO “Meat Meal” is better for your pet

Many natural dog foods and natural cat foods claim their first ingredient is “meat”. But look closely and most pet food labels contain some sort of “meat meal” as a primary ingredient. Such meals are the dehydrated result of high-heat processed non-human edible remnants from slaughterhouses and fish processing factories, which significantly elevates the level of ash in the rendered product and causes the protein to lose as much as 30% of it’s digestibility, making it harder for your pet to digest. Pet food companies often use powdered “meal” for a simple is much less expensive than real WHOLE MEAT.

That’s Why The Proof is in the Poop®

We believe that in the end, the truth always comes out, and in this case, it generally “comes out” a bit better. Because carnivorous mammals have among the shortest intestinal tracts of all mammals, ease (or lack) of digestibility matters. The more digestible the protein, the more “bioavailable” it is to your pet, meaning your pet retains and utilizes more of the nutrition that you pay for. As a result, you can expect to pick up after your pet a little bit less and generally feed a bit less. It only makes sense. The more nutrition your pet benefits from in Halo natural dog food and natural cat food, the less you pick up as waste.

When you choose Halo, WHOLE Makes a WHOLE Lot of Difference

The Proof is in the Poop®