Mother Pit Bull Survives Fire, Leads Rescuers Straight To Her Hidden Puppies

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by Bethany Meissner

When fire struck a factory in South Carolina, a pit bull mix sprang into action to protect her puppies. Not only did she manage to save herself, but she also saved all of her puppies. Now they all get their happily ever after.

According to ABC News, the mother dog (now known as Miracle), was picked up on the road after the fire. The good Samaritan who helped her, had seen Miracle coming and going from the factory. Victoria McGonigal, owner of Dochas n Gra Animal Rescue and Sanctuary told reporters that “the day she got picked up was the day the warehouse had a fire. They took her to animal control and realized she had a broken front left leg and… she was still producing milk, so she had puppies somewhere.”

Unfortunately the local fire department told animal control that it wouldn’t be safe to go to the factory and search for the puppies. After four days, the fire department gave their okay and an animal control officer headed to the factory with Miracle in hopes of finding the puppies. Miracle led the officer directly to her puppies who were all safely hidden and waiting for their mother’s return.

Victoria told reporters that the puppies were found in “a little wood area in a grove” where they believe Miracle moved the puppies one-by-one to rescue them from the fire. Victoria and the animal control officer believe that this was how Miracle broke her leg. Miracle’s efforts were rewarded by how happy her puppies seemed when she returned. In one photo that Victoria took, the puppies’ tails are a blur of happy motion as Miracle nuzzles them.

Animal control asked Dochas n Gra if they could care for the family. Once with the rescue group, they received medical attention and care. An X-ray showed that Miracle’s break was in her shoulder which meant that her leg had to be amputated. The puppies were all in good health though and their exams showed that they were about five weeks old, according to The Dodo.

The puppies stayed with Dochas n Gra for a few weeks until they were done nursing from Miracle. At that point, Victoria sent the puppies to Happy Tails Dog Rescue in New York. Victoria often sends dogs there to find their forever homes once they’ve recovered with her from illness or injury. Miracle stayed in South Carolina for another eight weeks to allow her to recover from her surgery. She then also went up to Happy Tails Dog Rescue.

Victoria shared “I was a blubbering mess when I put her on transport. You could tell she was so grateful for being found and being taken care of. She would jump in my lap and give me hugs.” Looking at Miracle, it’s easy to see how Victoria became so attached to this incredible dog.

The puppies have all found homes and Miracle may have, as well. Anna Pancaldo, the owner of Happy Tails, told ABC News that “Miracle is being fostered with the intent to adopt.” Everyone at Happy Tails is hopeful that this home will work out, but if it doesn’t, Anna shared that “we have about 40 people lined up for her.”

It’s great to know that this wonderful mother will soon have her own wonderful forever home.

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Photo Credit: Dochas n Gra Animal Rescue and Sanctuary

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Photo Credit: Happy Tails Dog Rescue

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