Halo is Changing … for the Better!

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Halo is changing…for the better

WHOLE Makes a Whole Lot of Difference™ has always been more than words. For 30 years, it has meant insisting on creating holistic pet foods that rely on WHOLE meat, poultry or fish, never any “meat meal.” Today it means even more. It’s the philosophy that drives our holistic approach to ingredient sourcing, recipes, nutritional value, the welfare of ALL animals, and our overall mission to change the way companion animals are fed and farm animals are raised…for the better!

Just as it’s always been, Halo will still be made with WHOLE meat and never ANY “meat meal” like chicken meal or fish meal. Halo will still have fruits and vegetables, added vitamins and minerals, no corn, wheat, or wheat gluten, and no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

More WHOLE Meat

Our canned recipes contain between 10% and 14% more meat. Our dry cat and dog recipes have focused on individual proteins or protein blends that simplify the types of protein each recipe offers so you can offer your pet more of the type of meat they love. Chicken and poultry recipes no longer contain fish (except for Surf & Turf), fish recipes only contain fish, and several of our recipes now contain just a single meat source, such as Chicken/Chicken Liver, Lamb/Lamb Liver, and Turkey/Turkey Liver. We have also developed Puppy, Kitten, and Senior recipes so you can feel good about offering more WHOLE meat recipes that address your cat or dog’s specific needs.

But what’s new about Halo will matter to you, farm animals, and the planet
OrigiNative™ Proteins

Halo says “NO” to factory farming, growth hormones, antibiotics, artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

We believe that the more you can go back to an original, native state with the production of meat and vegetables —what we call OrigiNative™— the better. We believe that naturally raised, OrigiNative™animals require fewer antibiotics, feed supplementation, and are in general healthier animals and provide healthier meat. Plus, animal habitats are revitalized and the soil is protected.

By sourcing cage free poultry, pasture raised beef, and wild caught fish from certified sustainable fisheries, we strive to deliver natural protein sources that not only harken back to an era where ALL of our animals were respected, but also serves to provide our companion animals with the high-quality proteins and nutrients they need for good health, shiny coats, and long lives at our sides.

Non-GMO Vegetables

All fruits and vegetables are sourced from farmers who have rejected the use of Genetically Modified Seeds.

As part of our commitment to OrigiNative™ sourcing, we work to lessen the vicious cycle of relentlessly tilling our soils and adding heavy amounts of chemical fertilizers and herbicides needed by Genetically Modified crops to produce, thereby allowing the land to function as it has for eons—as a global carbon sink versus a runaway carbon pump.

Tastes Even Better

New Halo products have been taste-tested and were overwhelmingly preferred.

Halo has always used only WHOLE meat and never any “meat meal,” which hasn’t just made Halo a highly digestible pet food, but a delicious one that cats and dogs love. Now, with OrigiNative™ sourcing, cats and dogs love new Halo even more.

Now with DreamCoat®

Halo dry dog food and cat food is now made with DreamCoat® for smooth skin and shiny coat.

With our commitment to choosing whole, holistic ingredients that help make your pet look and feel healthy from the inside out, we added DreamCoat® to our dog and cat kibble recipes. Where our original DreamCoat® is made of oils and botanicals, our dry DreamCoat® blend has ingredients and botanicals that provide the same balanced essential fatty acids and nutrients that will help continually support your pet’s skin and coat.

Great Products Now Under One Great Name

We’ve brought together our Spot’s Stew, Spot’s Choice, and Vigor recipes under the Halo name so they are easy to find and bring home. When you’re looking for holistic cat food or dog food made with WHOLE meat and no “meat meal,” sustainably sourced OrigiNative™ proteins, and Non-GMO vegetables, all you have to look for is Halo.

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