Showcases Halo Donation generated national exposure for Halo around the brand's support for the first annual Cat Pawsitive National High Five Day Shelter Contest.


Halo Influencers Help Celebrate Freekibble's Big 10!

Halo celebrated Freekibble's 10-Year Anniversary by donating 10x the KIBBLE on April 10th. With the help of Halo influencers like Manny the FrenchieJeanie the 3-Legged DogStella the Pit Bull and Minnie the Kitty, along with many kibblers, we were able to reach the goal of 10 MILLION pieces with over 300,000 impressions in one day!


"The Shape of Water" Actress Sally Hawkins is First Oscar Nominee to Redeem Halo Donation

Sally Hawkins is the first Oscar nominee to make a difference and redeem her donation for 10,000 bowls of Halo to Paws LA.  This highly coveted item that received extensive high-profile media coverage was part of the "Everyone Wins" gift bag given to top nominees at the Oscars.


Lil BUB Talks About Digestibility

Lil BUB's 'dude' told her 5 million followers why she chose Halo. He said, "The benefit of real WHOLE meat is that it is the easiest to digest and is best for your pets' health, which must be why BUB eats her @halopets so emphatically."




The Proof is in the Poop® for to Manny the Frenchie

Manny the Frenchie had an open conversation with his 3 million social followers about - you guessed it -- poop! He said, "I'll spare you guys the full picture of me actually pooping, but here's another reason we love @halopets. They use real WHOLE meat and no "meat meal" of any kind. The benefit of whole meat is that it's the easiest to digest, which is better for us and makes smaller poops for the humans to pick up!  #winwin #theproofisinthepoop" 



Halo Joins Nala Cat's Kittenpalooza for ASPCA

Nala Cat held her first Facebook Live event benefiting the ASPCA and Halo was able to celebrate with her by matching donations up to 5K bowls of pet food for every $1. 


IncredibullStella Creates BlogPaws Buzz with Halo

Halo influencer, Stella the Pit Bull, will be at next week's BlogPaws conference in Kansas City and told her 30K followers that she will be taking only two things with her - tennis balls and Halo pet food! 


A Whole Lot of Difference: Kitten Rescue

Kitten Rescue received a Halo food donation thanks to social influencer White Coffee Cat, who told her 1.4 million Instagram followers and almost 500,000 Facebook fans about it.




Minnie the Kitty Shows Off Her Halo Food

Minnie the Kitty, a tripawd, tells her 48.6K Instagram followers that she doesn't want to share her Halo food with her siblings. She said, "This is mine. Go get your own @halopets noms. #foodhog."




The Proof is in the Poop® When it Comes to Tor the Senior Cat

Pam Eves shared with us her story about her senior cat named, Tor and Halo natural cat food. She says:

"My old fella, Tor (16), has developed serious IBD. In truth, I feed the herd another brand of pet food as it's what I can afford, being disabled. However, Tor can't tolerate it anymore. So I've been mixing the kitten dry food in with the Sensitive Stomach canned food Halo sent us. His stool has finally gone from loose to almost normal, and he's not incontinent anymore."  
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