Manny the Frenchie Hosted a Super Bowl Pawty!

Last weekend Manny the Frenchie enjoyed the big game with a very special Halo Pets catered buffet. He showed his 3 million followers all the yummy food and said, "I might be in a cone but I'm still hosting the big game! Made a quick spread of our fav @halopets for me and the guys."


Lil BUB Had Her Own "Super Bowl"

Lil Bub also enjoyed the Super Bowl last week but it wasn't the big game. Instead she reveled in a huge bowl full of Halo kibble in which she savored with glee (don't worry she didn't eat the whole thing) and shared with her 5 million social followers. Check out the full version.


Halo Vegan Recipe Featured in Trend Piece on National News Site

vegan dog food

An interview with Halo CEO Myron Lyskanycz about the growing number of people putting their dogs on a vegan diet is featured on The Guardian, a national news site with 136 million readers!


The Catington Post Show its 2.2 Million Readers The Proof is in the Poop

Halo cat food receives an all-star review from this leading feline site that features a Poopsie® video, product giveaway and an endorsement from the brand's famous spokespet LIL BUB.


Lil BUB Loves Halo's Mission to Give Back

Lil BUB shared a picture of her at The Brown Humane Society and telling her 5 million followers why she chose Halo. She said, "One of the many reasons BUB partnered with @halopets is because they genuinely care about animals, giving up to 10 times more than most other pet food companies. #HaloFeeditForward #lilbub #GOODJOBHALO #sponsored.


Manny the Frenchie Spreads the Word about #HaloFeeditForward

This week Manny the Frenchie informed his 3 million followers about #HaloFeeditForward. He said, '"One of the many reasons we love @halopets is because they share the same passion

we do and genuinely care about animals and they donate 10 times more than most other pet food companies! #HaloFeeditForward"


Over 230 Media Outlets Share News About Halo Winning Prestigious Industry Award

Halo's 2017 Editors' Choice Award announcement was picked up by over 230 media outlets including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Market Insider, Marketwatch, and dozens of business journals in major markets across the U.S.


Pet Age 2.0 Launch Issue Praises Halo


Pet Age 2.0, the newly launched consumer publication of the leading trade Pet Age, praises Halo and Lil BUB partnership in the cover story about the feline celebrity brand ambassador.


Social Influencers Love Halo Liv-a-Littles® Protein Treats

Online Influencers had a chance to try our Liv-a-Littles protein treats and the reviews are glowing! Bengee the Super Dog says, "I absolutely love those chicken bites!" while Chevy the Boston writes, "Great for pups like me with a sensitive stomach, easy to break up and crumple over food for picky pups like Harley." 



Los Angeles Times Highights Halo Vegan Dog Food Recipe

vegan dog food

Halo Vegan Recipe is highlighted in the Los Angeles Times as the city's shelter system considers feeding vegan dog food. Additional pick up of the story in this key target market include the LA Daily Breeze and CityWatch.