Manny the Frenchie Shares a Picture of One of His Siblings

Manny the Frenchie shared a picture of Filip to his 3 million followers and said, "He's been standing here for quite awhile...I think Filip is hungry!"


Jeanie and Pippa Spread the Word About


Jeanie the 3-Legged Dog encouraged her 35,000 followers to play in order to help feed Halo pet food to animals in need. She said, "Did you know that when you answer #Freekibble daily trivia on, you automatically donate Halo Pets food to a shelter pet courtesy of Now you can feed it forward!


The Humane Society of the United States Teams Up with Halo for #GivingTuesday Campaign


For #GivingTuesday, for every dollar donated to HSUSHalo matched it by donating a bowl of food to feed rescued animals. Thanks to more than 3 million of HSUS' social media followers and 1.8 million HSUS email subscribers, Halo committed 200,000 bowls of pet food to their Animal Rescue Team as featured in the HSUS Facebook video, and helped them raise over $ 1/2 million.

Celebrities like Anjelica Houston and The Walking Dead Star, Christian Serratos, helped spread the word.

Halo was also featured in's #GivingTuesday promotion with!


Reese the Tuxedo Cat Was Thankful for His Halo Turkey Dinner



Last month, Halo hosted an Instagram contest where Reese the Tuxedo Cat won a Halo Turkey Dinner just in time for Thanksgiving. Reese told his fans, "Thank you @halopets for my holistic turkey freebies! My meowmy is giving me an early turkey Thanksgiving dinner since the box of goodies arrived today! #thankful"


Halo Featured in Giving Tuesday Gift Guide, a leading animal site with more than 2.8 million readers, showcased Halo and HSUS partnership for Giving Tuesday as one of the "8 Gifts that Give Back to Animals."


Jeanie the 3-Legged Dog Reminded Her Fans to Shop Small with Halo

Jeanie told her 35,000 followers not to forget about Small Business Saturday by telling them to print out Halo coupons and redeeming them at their local Halo retailer.


Lil Bub Held a Bub Store Special Featuring Halo


On Giving Tuesday, the BUB STORE featured a special deal - 50% of the day's proceeds went to Lil BUB's Big FUND and Halo donated a bowl of food for every dollar spent to a shelter with a special needs program. 


CEO Myron Lyskanycz Featured in PET AGE

In the leading pet trade publication Pet Age, Halo® CEO Myron Lyskanycz participates in Q&A that educates readers about the importance of WHOLE Meat and Halo's Proven Superior Digestibility.


Pepper the Vegan Dog Celebrates Vegan Month with Halo

vegan dog food

Veganbahar on Instagram shows her followers how her pup, Pepper, is happy eating vegan dog food thanks to Halo.


Halo Pet Ambassador Manny the Frencie is Profiled in

The leading national consumer pet site, and their Facebook page, with a combined reach of more than 8.8 million, feature Manny the Frenchie and his work with Halo.