CEO Myron Lyskanycz Featured in PET AGE

In the leading pet trade publication Pet Age, Halo® CEO Myron Lyskanycz participates in Q&A that educates readers about the importance of WHOLE Meat and Halo's Proven Superior Digestibility.


Pepper the Vegan Dog Celebrates Vegan Month with Halo

vegan dog food

Veganbahar on Instagram shows her followers how her pup, Pepper, is happy eating vegan dog food thanks to Halo.


Halo Pet Ambassador Manny the Frencie is Profiled in

The leading national consumer pet site, and their Facebook page, with a combined reach of more than 8.8 million, feature Manny the Frenchie and his work with Halo.


FOX TV recognizes Halo for Food Donation

FOX-TV in Louisiana recognizes Halo's philanthropic efforts to support 120 at-risk shelter pets, airlifted to safety by Wings of Rescue, by providing 10,000 nutritious bowls of food for them.


America's Best Loved Holistic Brand®, Once Again

For quarter ending 9/30, Halo remains America's Best Loved Holistic Brand, with the #1 overall average rating in seven social and PR metrics vs. 13 top competitors. Leverage Halo's success with our social content, designed for pet retailers!


Halo's AAWL Sponsorship Featured in Adoption Story on NBC in Phoenix

NBC story focusing on a pet adoption features Halo's Arizona Animal Welfare League (AAWL) sponsorship.


Maizi and Nelli Show Off Their Halo Prize Package

Last month Halo social influencer, Jeanie the 3-legged dog, hosted a HALO-Ween contest to her 30,000+ followers where Maizi and Nelli, two senior Shih Tzus, were treated to WHOLE meat.


Lil BUB and Halo Donate 5,000 Bowls of Food to the Brown County Humane Society

Lil BUB shares the news about her recent food donation with Halo in partnership with and to her 5 million followers.


Instagram Cats, Olive and Rye, Review Halo Kibble


Halo Social Influencers, Olive and Rye, raved about the Chicken and Chicken Liver recipe in their video review reaching almost 100,000 pet lovers on Instagram and receiving more than 1,000 views.


Manny the Frenchie Shows Off His Halo Breakfast

Manny declares he eats Halo because it's "Easy on my tummy and I make smaller poop!" to his 1 million followers gaining more than 17,000 likes.