Social Media Says Thank You Lil BUB and Halo®

Pet parents who redeemed a free can of Halo® cat food showed their gratitude on social media likeMadnylo and Nelson the Coon here.  


Filip & Liam Show Off Their Late Night Halo® Snack

Manny the Frenchie's siblings can't get enough of Halo's Liv-a-Littles protein treats as seen in their latest video with more than 9,000 views.


Halo® Free Can Coupon for Independents Goes Viral

Halo's Free Can Promotion to celebrate National Cat Day went viral on over 150 shopper/coupon/freebie sites in the US and Canada generating over 5,000 new newsletter subscribers.


iHeartCats Covers How Lil BUB and Halo are Changing the World

The leading feline consumer lifestyle site with 1.1 million readers,, did a feature post on Lil BUB about how she spreads her goodwill including her partnership with Halo®.


USA Today Network Features Halo®/Lil BUB Partnership

A feature on Lil BUB and Halo's National Cat Day promotion to help felines ran in the Indianapolis Star and was picked up by other major daily newspapers in the USA Today Network, including Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, The Tennessean, and the Arizona Republic.


Pet Product News Covers Halo's Free Can Cat Day Promo

America's #1 Source for Pet Supplies, Pet Product News posted about Lil BUB and Halo's National Cat Day Promotion of a free can of cat food to participating pet parents and donating a can to a shelter pet.


Halo's Cat Ambassador Lil BUB Answers Questions on Reddit, a Community of 26.7 Million Users

Lil BUB's Reddit AMA, that allowed thousands of feline fans to engage with her, included her bio and work with Halo along with a link to the Halo and Lil Bub announcement video.


Leading Pet Lifestyle Publication Writes Glowing Review of Halo Dog Food, a pet lifestyle publication reaching more than 2.6 million readers, writes glowing review of Halo dog food noting the brand's superior digestibility and the importance of WHOLE meat vs. meat meal. Praises Halo Cat Food and the Importance of Whole Meat

A stellar review of Halo cat food is featured in the pet lifestyle publication, educating its more than 2.6 million readers about the importance of WHOLE meat vs. "meat meal."


Organic Life Features Halo in Round Up About Healthy & Safe Natural Dog Food

Rodale's consumer publication with more than 1.1 million readers spotlights Halo as a healthy kibble without any rendered "meat meal."