While pets get excited by the great aroma of Halo’s real WHOLE meat, poultry, or fish, their unique digestive enzymes need a little time to adapt completely to a new food. For most cats and dogs, that’s about 7-10 days, and for sensitive stomachs, about 2-3 weeks. Guidelines for changing your pet’s current dry or wet food to Halo dry or wet food*:

  • Days 1-3 75% old food, 25% Halo
  • Days 4-5 50% old food, 50% Halo
  • Days 6-7 25% old food, 75% Halo
  • Days 8+ 100% Halo

*Pets with sensitive stomachs may need to transition a little more slowly to avoid any digestive upset.

Remember that Halo offers pet parents a money back guarantee, Feed for 14 Days, Love it or it's Free!