Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food & Treats

Made with minimally processed, high-quality protein, our freeze-dried raw food and treats preserve all the nutrients found in raw food. If you loved them at TruDog, you'll love them here.

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Freeze-dried raw has major fans.
"I've been hesitant to leave a review since our dog is SO, so picky and usually changes her mind after a few months. But, after 8 DIFFERENT food changes, this is the ONLY food that she continuously eats." —Karla

If you shopped TruDog® for that, get this.

Our TruDog collection has a fresh look, but the same exceptional taste and nutrition. Find your favorites, now in new packaging.

Meal Bites

Mix these crunchy bites into your dog’s main dish for extra flavor and nutrition, or serve as a complete meal. Formerly known as TruDog Feed Me.


Sprinkle on a boost of nutrition that keeps their skin healthy and coat super soft. Formerly known as TruDog Boost Me & Fortify Me.


Use for training or as a reward on the go. And they're 100% nutritious, too.

Dental Chews

Freshen breath. Clean teeth. Fight plaque. All in one flavor-packed treat.

Why freeze-dried raw rules.

Give them all the benefits of a raw diet in a way that's easy and convenient for you.
Preserves the natural flavor & nutrition of raw food
Boosts digestion with natural fiber
Supports muscle development & maintenance
100% protein from animal sources