How to Switch Your Pet to Halo

How to Switch Your Pet to Halo

Simple steps for a safe and successful switch

While pets get excited by the great aroma of Halo’s real WHOLE meat, poultry, and fish, their unique digestive enzymes need a little time to adapt completely to a new food. For most cats and dogs, that’s about 7-10 days, and for sensitive stomachs, about 2-3 weeks. 

Guidelines for changing your pet’s current dry or wet food to Halo dry or wet food*:

Days 1-3 75% old food, 25% Halo
Days 4-5 50% old food, 50% Halo
Days 6-7 25% old food, 75% Halo
Days 8+ 100% Halo

*Pets with sensitive stomachs may need to transition a little more slowly to avoid any digestive upset.

If you introduce the new food too quickly and your cat or dog experiences some digestive upset, just back up to the previous transition amount where your pet wasn’t having any trouble and feed that amount for a few more days before continuing with the transition.

Once your pet is eating all Halo food, if you switch between Halo recipes, consider a 2- or 3-day transition to minimize stomach upset.

Ready to start your switch?