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Pet Education

Making the Switch to Spot's Stew for Cats is Easy!

Nine out of ten cats surveyed enjoy Spot's Stew right away, but as we all know…some cats are “creatures of habit,” and if you’ve never prepared a delicious feast of healthy, homemade food before, the chunky meats and vegetables in our Stew may appear foreign to them.  Since Spot's Stew has no unscrupulous flavor enhancers (like sugar or salt), we’ve provided a simple feeding schedule to ensure you and your cats enjoy the healthiest food in the world, without a lot of fuss. As long as your cat is basically healthy, the following instructions were designed to change some great cats with old habits:

The Healthy Cat's Primary Feeding Rule:

Leave food down for your cats for only a half hour in the morning and a half hour at night.  Free-feeding your pets tends to age them and puts their bodies in a constant state of digestion – which depletes their vital organs of blood and oxygen supply.  A healthy cat in the wild may only eat but every 28 hours.  Let’s face it – they don’t have a tidy little dish of mouse or bird to nibble on all day long.  Allowing them to eat throughout the day is very “anti-nature.”  Periodic brief fasts and natural cleansing cycles are very beneficial.  Stay close to the ways that nature intended, and we can’t go too wrong.

Here's What We Do Now: (Be strong and I’m confident this will work for you and the ones you love so much.)

  • Put a small amount of Spot's Stew in their dish for a half an hour on the first morning.  Allow them to “eat to their heart’s content” (or not). Do not mix Spot's Stew with any other food. It's time to put your paw down!  Don’t panic if they don’t touch it.  Calmly pick up the food and put it all away.  By dinnertime they’ll be much hungrier.
  • At dinnertime – put a small amount of Spot's Stew in their dish again for just a half an hour.  Let them “eat to their heart’s content” (or not).  It’s still okay! (Lots of holistic veterinarians recommend that one day a week you even withhold food altogether.  There are lots of health benefits relating to this practice.) Anyway…don't panic!  Pick up the food again and by morning, they will, of course, be much hungrier.  Don't give in to the old habits!
  • Follow the same procedure on day two. Don't get soft on us...we're almost there. If they don’t eat again, it’s still okay.   Remember to always keep fresh, clean drinking water available to them at all times.

We’ve worked with countless cat owners, who have been very successful with our switch method, and by day three, your cats should be happy with their new healthy food, and you will have broken them of those old habits.  Even more important -- you’ll see them blossom into the healthiest kitties in the world!

If you need any additional information or courage to change your cat’s diet, please don’t hesitate to call us directly at 800-426-4256 (Halo, Purely For Pets) to ensure the program works for you.  Spot's Stew is the only food good enough for our own pets, and over the past ten years we have seen miraculous transformations with everyone’s pets and the people who love them.

Andi Brown, The Whole Pet Diet


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