Philosophy on Ingredients

Philosophy on Ingredients

Our Ingredients Philosophy: Only WHOLE Meats

Halo says NO to:

  • “Meat Meals” (rendered meats)
  • Animal byproducts
  • Added growth hormones
  • Rice
  • Artificial colors / preservatives / flavors

Halo says YES to:

  • Only WHOLE meats
  • Highly DIGESTIBLE whole proteins
  • Vitamin/Mineral-rich vegetable blends
  • Delicious dry Kibble and moist Stews
  • Animal Welfare – benefiting your pet, and less fortunate animals
  • Unconditional Love… Donating a bowl to shelters every time YOU buy!

Only WHOLE Meats

Never Rendered

No “Meat Meals” of ANY Kind

Colorful Vegetables and Fruits

Responsibly Sourced

High Bioavailability

Small Batch, Slow Cooked

Superior Digestibility

Feed Your Pet AND Feed ShelterPets with Every Purchase

Why Only WHOLE Meats?

Dogs love meat and Cats are obligate carnivores, so optimum nutrition starts with meat. Halo uses only WHOLE meats, never any rendered meat meals, such as chicken meal or by-product meal. Give your pet the meat nature intended – WHOLE meat is more digestible, more bioavailable, and more delicious!

It’s not just the quality ingredients we use, it’s also what we DON’T put inside that makes Halo Purely for Pets®.That’s what makes pets and pet parents fall in love with Halo. Halo has always been committed to NO “shortcuts” NO “compromises” and NOTHING “less than the best” in our recipes.



Whole Meats:

  • As nature intended
  • Salmon, chicken, lamb, venison, turkey, beef and more
  • Slow cooked at lower temperatures
  • Up to 16x less ash than rendered meats
  • MORE digestible (see chart)
  • MORE bioavailable nutrition for your pet!

WHOLE Meat = A Whole Lot More Digestibility

Superior digestibility. MORE nutrition in every bite.

Halo Wholesome Chicken Recipe for Dogs (kibble) vs leading competitive chicken formulas.

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