Rescued Chihuahua Rescues Elderly Owner

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by Bethany Meissner

Who would save your life if you fell out of sight and couldn’t get up? For one elderly Florida woman, her savior was a little Chihuahua she had rescued from a shelter.

According to ABC Action News, in 2010 a woman was unable to keep her Chihuahua, Sassy, when she needed to move into a nursing home. Thankfully, Marie Alexander spotted Sassy at a shelter and gave her a new home. Six years later Marie told a reporter, “I am so glad I got her at that shelter.” Marie is glad not only for the love that Sassy has provided, but also for Sassy’s persistence and determination that saved Marie’s life on August 13, 2016.

Marie Alexander is 92 years old. Her home is fenced in with some brush and shade. On August 13, after checking her mailbox, Marie turned to walk back along her stoned pathway to head inside. Unfortunately, she tripped, fell backwards, and hit her head. Marie couldn’t get back up to get inside and call for her. Because she hadn’t planned to be outside long, Marie didn’t have her phone with her. Because of the way her yard is setup, Marie wasn’t easily visible to passing cars or people. Her injuries were so bad that Marie was unable to crawl into shade as the Florida heat rose with the day.

Thankfully, she had Sassy. “She follows me everywhere,” Marie later said. That habit turned out to be a lifesaver for Marie.

Sassy took watch over Alexander and barked at every car that came by the house. Like the legendary Lassie running for help to save Timmy, Sassy “ran down every car that passed,” Marie said.

When she wasn’t chasing down cars, Sassy kept an eye on Marie. Sassy would lick Marie’s face and laid down next to her.

After five hours Sassy was still barking at cars and comforting Marie. According to, a couple finally walked by and noticed. Sassy ran to them and barked to get their attention. Because of Sassy, they saw Marie on the ground and got help for her.

Marie was rescued and taken to the hospital. Her dehydration and bruised ribs were treated. While she was at the hospital, Sassy didn’t relax. The family said that Sassy kept looking for Marie until she came home to receive Sassy’s kisses.

Marie said that animals aren’t always noticed, “People don’t give them credit for what they do.” However, Marie and her family will never make that mistake. Marie knows that Sassy rescued her as much as she rescued Sassy.

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