Snowflake the Dog Saves Loose Dog on Busy Road

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by Bethany Meissner

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Photo Credit: The Virginian Pilot

On December 28, Krista Dietz was driving with Snowflake Dixon, a Bichon Frise, in the city of Virginia Beach. On a busy road near an interstate, Krista spotted unusual driving from a van. When she looked closer, she could tell that there were two upset young kids in the car, plus a distraught driver. The driver was honking her horn and yelling “Bella!” in an attempt to get the attention of the family’s dog who had somehow gotten out at that dangerous spot!

According to The Virginian-Pilot, Krista immediately acted and pulled up her car near the van. She put her flashers on and jumped out to try and alert other drivers that a dog was on the loose to keep the dog safe until she could be caught. Suddenly, Snowflake started to bark. Krista told reporters later, “I think she felt my pain, and the other person’s panic.” Krista believes that Snowflake’s barking was what saved the other dog.

Krista’s window was partially down and Bella, a large beige dog, seemed to hear Snowflake. Hearing Snowflake’s barking, Bella turned around and returned to her family who quickly got her back in the van. Krista rushed over to hug the woman who told her, “You saved my dog!” Krista gave all the credit to Snowflake.

Snowflake’s adventure only lasted a few minutes, but Krista kept shaking for almost an hour afterward. Krista’s company is hired by Snowflake’s owner to walk the dog, but the job is about more than just money. Krista cares deeply about animals and is curious about Bella. She told Mary Lou Dixon, Snowflake’s 84-year-old owner about Snowflake’s heroism.

Mary Lou told reporters that Snowflake is “a sweet little dog; friendly to everybody.” She also shared that barking is unusual for Snowflake, “She doesn’t bark a lot, just yips when someone’s at the door.” We’re certain Bella and her family are grateful both for Snowflake’s friendliness and her unusual barking that December day.