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by Bethany Meissner

Every animal in our lives carries a halo above it. That halo shines brightest when nurtured in a genuine, heartfelt, two-way, human-animal bond. We strive to earn our halo every single day. One black cat in England brightly polished his earthly halo this January when he saved the life of his owner.

According to The Express, Sharon Kane woke up early on January 5th to her cat hitting her in the face. “I had been on strong medication… so [I] was in a very deep sleep.” Sharon told reporters. “I kept feeling Prince Ozzy batting me on the face with his paw,” she continued. Like any pet parent would, Sharon tried to tell Prince Ozzy to stop but thankfully he ignored her.

Photo Credit: The Express

Prince Ozzy eventually succeeded in waking up his owner. “I came round and could see and smell smoke all around,” said Sharon. Despite feeling the effects of the smoke, Sharon dragged herself to her windows and opened them to clear the smoke and get herself and Prince Ozzy fresh air. Sharon also hung a white scarf outside her window so that emergency services would see her and know she needed help. The fire had started below her apartment flat and was burning through her building when emergency services showed up and helped Sharon and Prince Ozzy get to safety.

Prince Ozzy was okay, but Sharon needed to be hospitalized for several days due to inhaling so much smoke. She is grateful to Prince Ozzy for rescuing her and told reporters, “I love him to bits and I owe my life to him…if it had not been for him I would not be here today.” She went on to describe Prince Ozzy’s personality, “He’s a very intelligent cat and definitely has a mind of his own…. He will come to you for cuddles, but you can’t go to him for cuddles – that’s just his temperament. But I wouldn’t change him for the world – he saved my life.” While some might think black cats are unlucky, Sharon’s luck was definitely improved by having a black cat at her side.

Photo Credit: The Express

Our pets, like Prince Ozzy, do so much for us – even if they’re not saving our lives in such a dramatic and literal fashion! In return, we owe them the very best, starting with nutritious Halo cat food and nourishing Halo treats. Because of his actions, Prince Ozzy was nominated for the National Cat Awards in Britain, run by the UK’s largest cat charity, Cats Protection. Even though he didn’t win, we know he’s a winner in Sharon’s heart – and ours.