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Cat Recovers from Injury to Love Adventure with Her Veterinarian Adopter

by Bethany Meissner

Photo Credit: Annie King

Emmylou’s Facebook page describes her as an “Adventure Cat exploring the Southern Appalachians one river and mountain at a time,” and her Instagram says she is “Just a cat hiking and boating the Southern Appalachians with my best dog bud Muppet.” Neither lets on that when she was only four months old, this adorable kitten was surrendered with a broken femur because her original owner couldn’t afford her treatment.

Luckily for the little kitten, Dr. Annie King, a veterinarian at The Pet Vet in Ashville, North Carolina decided to adopt her. According to, Emmylou needed surgery to have a pin inserted in her broken leg. While she recovered, Emmylou needed to live in a crate to not harm her leg. To help keep Emmylou entertained, Dr. Annie told reporters that she taught Emmylou “come,” “sit,” and how to walk on a harness. Because Emmylou needed to go to multiple medical appointments, she became used to going out. 

Photo Credit: Annie King

All the hard work and difficulty at the start of Emmylou’s life meant that when she was recovered, it only seemed natural to start taking Emmylou out for more fun outings. Dr. Annie and her husband, Will, keep Emmylou indoors unless she’s with them and on a harness, but when she’s on that harness? Emmylou adores adventuring in the great outdoors. In fact, Emmylou’s nickname is the “Adventure Cat” because of how happy hiking and boating make her! Dr. Annie told the Citizen Times that Emmylou “loves going outside, and she loves the car.” Adventures aren’t just about fun though, “we always make sure she’s safe; you need to be aware,” said Dr. Annie. 

Dr. Annie now shares photos and videos of Emmylou’s adventures on Facebook and Instagram to show how awesome cats can be. She told reporters that it’s important to build trust with a cat when going on adventures. She shared that sometimes the first half of a hike will find Emmylou hanging out in her backpack. Then, Emmylou will “hop out of the backpack when she’s ready,” said Dr. Annie.

Photo Credit: Annie King

We love that Dr. Annie not only gave Emmylou a new lease on life, but then found a great outlet for Emmylou’s intelligence and energy. Halo began because of a pet whose parent wouldn’t give up on him. Just as Dr. Annie didn’t give up on Emmylou, our founders didn’t give up on Spot. Because of that, we’re proud to make a difference for pets in homes and shelters, as well as farm animals and fish in the wild. We believe that every animal impacts our lives and it’s obvious how Emmylou has impacted Dr. Annie’s – and the lives of her many social media followers!

 If you think your cat might be a good candidate for hikes and boat rides, Dr. Annie has some advice: “take the time, do your research, be patient, and know your cat.” In the meantime, there’s plenty of inspiration to see just how much cats can do on Emmylou’s Instagram and Facebook pages!

Photo Credit: Annie King