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A Dog and Pig Know What Friendship Is All A-Snout

by Bethany Meissner

The Phuket Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand is known for their love for elephants, but they care about all animals in need. Recently, that meant taking in a three-legged pig who soon became best buddies with the resident dog, Panda!

Photo Credit: Phuket Elephant Sanctuary

According to the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary’s Facebook post, the pig was originally found in a field by the Bodhi Dog Rescue and Shelter. The pig, now known as Erica, had a swollen half hind leg and needed help. The team took her to a veterinarian who ascertained that amputation was the best option for Erika. After the amputation, Erika was on antibiotics and pain killers for her comfort.

Because the Bodhi Dog Rescue and Shelter was unable to permanently house Erika, they reached out to the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary. The sanctuary shared on Facebook that they built Erika a pen where she is now living. The pig is “sweet, friendly, and affectionate,” according to her caretakers. Although it too Erika a little while to settle in, a new friend helped her become fully happy and relaxed. That friend is Panda – the sanctuary’s dog!

As the sanctuary put it, “For the first few nights Panda slept next to Erika's shelter and then under our supervision, we opened the gate and Panda wagged his tail in excitement and lay down next to her, both even falling asleep together.” A friendship had formed. The sanctuary also shared that “Panda loves to nuzzle Erika and she rolls over with her tummy in the air loving the attention.”

We at Halo believe that all animals ultimately play a role in improving our collective well-being and that we all need to take care of each other. It’s wonderful to see that Panda over in Thailand seems to agree. At the very least, Panda definitely seems to want to take care of Erika the pig!

Photo Credit: Phuket Elephant Sanctuary