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Dog Saves Nearly-Frozen Lamb

by Bethany Meissner

There is an old saying that March roars in like a lion but leaves like a lamb. Both the United States and the UK have recently seen storms that certainly roared like the beginning of the saying, dropping temperatures and dumping tons of snow. We don’t yet know how March will leave, but one little lamb survived those storms because of a friendly terrier named Freddie.

Photo Credit: Pip Samuel

According to the BBC, Pip Samuels lives in Wales with 45 ewes and his dog Freddie. Pip drove through his farm the morning after Storm Emma raged through and made a startling and sad discovery – a lamb born in freezing conditions. “The mother must have left it and it became frozen to the ground,” Pip told reporters.

A miracle seemed to happen after Pip placed the small lamb in his truck to be buried. Freddie went over to the lamb and began to gently lick. That was when Pip saw the lamb’s tiny stomach begin to move – the lamb was breathing! Pip didn’t waste any time.

Photo Credit: Pip Samuel

He brought the lamb inside and placed her in a box near his warm fire. Freddie continued to shower attention on the baby animal, helping in her recovery. Since then, she has continued to improve. Pip’s grandchildren have named the lamb Frieda in honor of Freddie and Pip has reunited Frieda with her mother. We’re sure Freddie appreciates the honor even if he now has to share his new friend with her mother.

At Halo, we believe every animal affects our lives and deserves great care. We think every animal carries a halo above it and that all halos shine best when nurtured in genuine, heartfelt ways. We work to earn our own halo every single day. Pip and Freddie’s halos certainly got some extra polish when they worked together to save tiny, almost-frozen Frieda.

Photo Credit: Pip Samuel