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Illinois Cat Woke Up Her Owner So She Could Call 911

by Bethany Meissner

Brenda Harper has had her calico cat Missy for almost 16 years. She adopted Missy as a kitten from Happy Tails Humane Society in Rock Falls, Illinois. Normally Missy is “a very loving little kitty, very dedicated to me, and she feels like she always needs to be with me,” said Brenda to the Daily Chronicle. However, Brenda is grateful that on one recent morning Missy acted up and showed the fierceness of her love for Brenda.

Brenda was recovering from a major surgery at home with her cats and her son, Adam. She wakes up after 6 a.m. on most days. One day though, around 5 a.m. Brenda woke up to Missy acting strange. The small cat was standing on Brenda’s chest, biting Brenda’s chin, batting Brenda’s face, and shrieking at top volume!

Photo Credit: Daily Chronicle

At first Brenda, in her sleepy state, just told Missy, “leave me alone, I’m trying to sleep!” Thankfully Missy didn’t leave Brenda alone. As Brenda woke up more, she realized that she really wasn’t feeling well. Brenda called for her son to dial 911 and an ambulance came. At the hospital she was diagnosed with a dangerous pulmonary embolism that was affecting her lungs and her heart! After being treated, Brenda was told that the clot she had was the worst he had seen where the patient had survived.

Now, after additional treatment and because of Missy’s quick thinking, Brenda is recovering and even has resumed taking her regular swimming classes! Brenda summed it up for reporters by saying, “I’m fine….It just wasn’t my time.” Missy gets a lot of credit though. “If she hadn’t woken me up when she did, I might not have made it,” Brenda said.

Brenda added that despite not previously believing that cats can have a deep connection that saves their owners, “Now, honest to God, I’m a believer.” Halo also believes in a deep connection between pets and their people. It’s part of why passionate about our mission and make conscious, careful decisions about how we make our pet food. We believe that every animal impacts our lives and carries a halo above it. That halo is brightest when cared for in a genuine, two-way human-animal bond. It’s obvious that Missy’s halo is brighter than the sun after her heroic actions demonstrated her deep bond with Brenda.