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Pennsylvania Hero Cat Praised By Deputy Fire Chief

by Bethany Meissner

The couple in McKeesport, PA who adopted an adorable orange kitten they now call Oddball, gave him his unusual name because he was the only non-black kitten in his litter. If they had been able to look into the future, they might have named him “Hero.” According to Pittsburgh’s Action 4 News, Oddball is the reason his owners safely escaped a fire!

Around 1 a.m. on March 9 the couple was fast asleep in their home in McKeesport about 12 miles south of Pittsburgh. Suddenly they woke up to Oddball “flying through the room” which was unusual for the cat, said the Deputy Fire Chief, Tom Perciavalle. Thankfully the couple decided not to write off their cat’s odd behavior and instead got up to investigate. When they opened the door to their bathroom they found a fire.

Photo Credit: Pittsburgh’s Action 4 News

Due to Oddball’s speedy waking of his humans, all three were able to safely escape the burning home. Although Oddball didn’t seem happy in his carrier when he meowed at reporters asking him questions in the daylight, he was thankfully unhurt by the fire. The couple is especially lucky that Oddball alerted them when he did. In the words of Deputy Fire Chief Perciavalle, “We found no smoke alarms in the house so fortunately the cat was on top of his game.”

Daylight Savings Time began this past weekend for most of our American readers. Many fire departments around the United States urge families to check their fire alarms every time they change their clocks. We hope all of you will do that if you haven’t already! Since Oddball’s family didn’t have any fire alarms, we hope they’re giving Oddball lots of healthy and delicious Halo treats for saving their lives.