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This Senior Dog Just Needed Some Patience to Become a Volunteer Favorite

by Bethany Meissner

Buddy, a senior dog, was surrendered to the SPCA of Westchester, in Briarcliff Manor, not far from New York City. Initially, the older beagle was quite nervous, but after being treated with kindness and patience, he became a volunteer favorite.

Buddy had spent the first ten years of his life in a loving home with a wonderful owner. Unfortunately, that owner became ill and needed to move into a nursing home where he wouldn’t be able to care for Buddy. No one in the owner’s family was able to take in the senior dog, so he was surrendered to the SPCA of Westchester. Lisa Bonanno wrote to us, “It was a sad day for everyone who witnessed Buddy get dropped off – he was so confused and unsure of what was happening.”

Photo Credit: SPCA of Westchester

His next few days weren’t much better for the uprooted dog. “The first few days Buddy was here he mostly slept and clearly wanted to be left alone as he mourned the loss of the only home he’d ever known,” Lisa shared. Thankfully the team at the SPCA of Westchester has a lot of understanding and experience. The SPCA of Westchester was founded in 1883. In 2017 alone they returned more than 100 lost animals to their families and helped almost 1,300 animals find new families!

They also have a secret weapon to help unhappy animals – Halo pet food. They began feeding Buddy Halo dog food that they had received as a grant from Halo, Freekibble, and GreaterGood. In her letter, Lisa wrote that the team at the SPCA of Westchester sends their “heartfelt gratitude to Halo, Freekibble, and GreaterGood” for making Buddy’s care possible with the generous donations of food.

Because of the kindness, good food, and compassion Buddy received at the SPCA of Westchester, he soon turned around. “Once he settled in, Buddy started to realize that the SPCA was actually a pretty good place with lots of nice people,” Lisa wrote. Once Buddy had shown his true colors, the SPCA of Westchester shared photos of him on Facebook, writing that Buddy “is a very happy, friendly guy who loves everyone” and that Buddy would “be a great friend for kids of any age, and he gets along well with other dogs.”

Photo Credit: SPCA of Westchester

Lisa added that before finding his forever home on January 23 Buddy “quickly become a volunteer favorite,” before reiterating the gratitude of everyone at the SPCA of Westchester. Lisa wrote, “It’s because of supporters like you that Buddy will get the second chance he deserves and will receive the best care and food possible so that he can live a happy, healthy, long life!” We at Halo agree and are so grateful to all the Kibblers who make helping animals like Buddy possible. We’re sure Buddy would thank you himself if he could.

As Halo notes in our mission, we believe that “every animal in our lives carries a halo above it.” Even though Buddy was unsure about showing off his halo when he first arrived at the SPCA of Westchester, with loving care and good Halo pet food, that halo was soon shining as bright as any star in the sky.