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Stranger Donates More Than $2000 to Help Cat Who Saved Owner’s Life

by Bethany Meissner


A British woman whose her cat saved her life when she was severely depressed, didn’t hesitate when that cat needed an expensive operation. He had gone missing on New Year’s Day before reappearing six days later with serious injuries to his nose, eye, and jaw requiring surgery costing almost three thousand pounds.

Photo Credit: Cambridge News

Annemarie Day shared with the Cambridge News that this cat, Tumba, had once saved her life. She had inherited Tumba when her mother died. Before then, Annemarie had taken care of her mother for five years, so she knew Tumba well. Annemarie then learned that she had borderline personality disorder. She says that “It got to the point where I wanted to take my own life.” Howeverm she credits Tumba with saving her life by keeping her from giving into her dark thoughts and giving her a reason to stay alive.

The Cambridge News shared an update that readers had donated to help pay for Tumba’s care. Annemarie had otherwise been unsure how she would ever pay off Tumba’s veterinary bills. Annemarie was thankful for everyone’s help with Tumba, saying “I have no words to express how grateful I am for wishes, prayers, and donations.”

Readers gave almost three thousand pounds, with one anonymous donor giving more than $2,000! We might not all be able to individually give that much, but we all do our part. By purchasing Halo food for your own cats and dogs, plus answering questions at and you enable Halo and GreaterGood to help thousands of animals in need. We’re incredibly grateful for that and bet those pets are, too. We believe that all animals impact our lives and it’s obvious how strongly and positively Tumba has affected Annemarie’s life.

Tumba is certainly lucky to have Annemarie and those anonymous donors. He is on the road to recovery now and even recently meowed at Annemarie –who took it as a sign that he’s feeling more like his old self!