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You Helped Save Sugar and Her Puppies

by Bethany Meissner

In April 2018 a mama dog came to the Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA (AAWL) in Phoenix. She had been wandering a nearby reservation. According to the AAWL, the dog arrived with a litter of puppies who “were nearly old enough to be weaned,” but still needed their mom. The poor dog had her paws full trying to care for her little family. AAWL told us that “trying to survive and keep them alive while roaming the reservation took a toll” on her body.

Once at the AAWL, the tables turned for the dog and her puppies. Because of you, Halo,, and Freekibble donate more than 1.5 million bowls of Halo dog and cat food to shelter pets every year. Luckily for the mom and her young family, AAWL is one of our shelter partners serving some of those 1.5 million bowls!  Whether dogs prefer grain-free, wet, dry, or vegan dog food – shelter professionals have told us that Halo’s high quality helps pets get healthy and find homes.

Photo Credit: Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA

AAWL named the stray dog Sugar and got to work helping her and her puppies. They told us that when Sugar arrived they were “able to start her on the path to wellness with a diet of Halo” to get her used to a regular, healthy diet! After the family had been at the shelter for a month, Sugar had gained weight and was “looking healthy and beautiful.” Once she was strong enough, AAWL spayed Sugar and began to search for her forever home. “Sugar was a fabulous mother to her babies and is now looking for the family that will treat her with the same love, care, and attention,” shared AAWL.

“Sugar is a perfect example” of the dogs who come in from rural areas, they told us. The rural dogs often “are lean and tired when they arrive,” but “quickly gain strength, weight, and a beautiful glossy coat once they are fed a regular diet of Halo each day.” AAWL shared that Halo is especially great for nursing dogs. It “allows those moms to provide better nutrition to their babies while improving their own health.”

The donated Halo food “does far more than improve the general appearance, coat health (and poop!) of the 1000+ animals that we intake each quarter,” wrote AAWL. These “animals are abandoned on our doorstep or left because their families have no other options,” they continued. “This grant allows us to redirect resources to keeping as many animals with their families and out of shelters as possible and it allows us to afford surgery for animals,” like Sugar and her puppies, who need spay and neuter surgeries before they can be adopted out.

Photo Credit: Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA

“We just want to say thank you for the years that you have supported our mission,” wrote AAWL. “We never forget that without your combined help we could never save as many animals as we do, and we could not support the rural shelters and rescues that have come to depend on us.”

“It is absolutely amazing,” AAWL continued, “to see, on a daily basis, the cats and dogs that are alive and thriving because,, and Halo… support our mission.” We at Halo are honored to be a part of helping so many wonderful animals like Sugar, and it’s all possible because of you!