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You Helped These Senior Oregon Dogs Find Forever Homes

by Bethany Meissner

Adjusting to shelter life can be hard for any animal. Finding their forever home can also be a struggle and take time. For two senior dogs bonded to each other, adjusting to the shelter and finding their new home together might appear to be a task of Herculean proportions. Thankfully two such dogs found themselves in the capable and compassionate care of the Humane Society of Central Oregon (HSCO) so their story has a wonderful, happy ending.

According to Lynne Ouchida, “Jesse and Chester were raised together for over ten years.” They arrived at the shelter when their owner was no longer able to care for them. It can be difficult and expensive to care for senior pets, and sometimes people simply are unable to meet the needs of their pets. In such instances, they do what they can to help their pet find a new home. Sometimes that means bringing the pets to a compassionate shelter like HSCO.

Photo Credit: Humane Society of Central Oregon

Lynne shared that Jesse and Chester “had typical senior issues that needed to be addressed, like dental care and [having] masses removed.” Thankfully, HSCO receives a grant of food from Halo,, and Freekibble. This allows HSCO “to direct the money that would go towards buying cat and dog food to providing extra care for… animals in need” including “diagnostic medical tests, dental work, surgeries,” and more that meant HSCO could address all of Jesse and Chester’s needs and prepare them for adoption. That grant is thanks to you! Halo,, and Freekibble donate more than 1.5 million bowls of Halo food to shelter pets every year! Shelter professionals say more pets get adopted due to the great nutrition found in Halo food.

“With all the upheaval in their lives, and at a senior age,” the staff at HSCO “wanted their relationship to be stable for the rest of their lives” so they decided Jesse and Chester would be adopted out together, Lynne told us. She shared that Jesse and Chester, despite their age, “loved going for walks and playing together.” In fact, “they were a bit slow to get up, but were always ready to get out of their kennel.” These two dogs obviously still had a lot of love and joy to share.

Early one week, Kathy and Manley, “a couple who have big hearts for rescuing animals and helping people saw that Jesse and Chester needed a soft spot to land,” said Lynne. In Lynne’s words, Kathy and Manley were “ready to provide Jesse and Chester a retirement home filled with love and the veterinary care they need to keep them comfortable.” When HSCO shared the news on Facebook, the staff noted that the adoption was “an inspiring way to begin the week” and added that HSCO was “in an amazing, compassionate community.” Commenters agreed. One woman wrote that the adoption “makes her heart happy” and another shared that it made her yell “YEA!” because she was so happy.

We’re grateful for the hard work of everyone at HSCO and the loving hearts of Kathy and Manley who recognized something special in Jesse and Chester. It’s our honor to have played a part in their story. We’re sure that Jesse and Chester are receiving all the love and healthy treats they deserve in their forever home. Thank you for making that possible!