Supporting Sheltered Animals

Supporting Sheltered Animals


At Halo we believe that each and every animal impacts our lives and ultimately plays a role in improving our collective well-being. This includes sheltered animals, and that’s why every time you buy Halo, we donate a bowl of cat food or dog food to shelters—over 1.5 million bowls a year—to help nourish and transform shelter pets and give them their very best chance at a forever home.

Partnerships that help spread the love

We’re proud to work with and to help homeless pets across North America have more radiant coats, clearer eyes, and renewed energy. As the official pet food sponsor of since 2010, Halo donates kibble that gets distributed to shelters and rescues throughout the U.S. and Canada.

As The Humane Society of the United States’ Giving Tuesday partner, we have committed to provide a bowl of Halo to the HSUS for every dollar donated—helping raise more than $200,000—and supporting the HSUS Animal Rescue Team that feeds pets rescued from natural disasters and extreme abuse, and transports them to high-adoption areas.

I may be one of a kind, but I’m not the only cat who needed some extra help. That’s why I teamed up with the ASPCA to create Lil BUB's Big FUND, the first national fund for special needs pets. Learn more at

– Lil BUB