The Proof is in the Poop<span class='reg'>®</span>

The Proof is in the Poop®


Super Digestibility

We believe that in the end, the truth always comes out. And in this case, it generally comes out a bit better. Because of Halo’s super digestibility, you can expect to pick up after your pet a little bit less. And, generally feed a bit less. It only makes sense. When you insist on real WHOLE meat, poultry, or fish, you get a more digestible pet food. When you feed an easier-to-digest food, your pet utilizes more of it. And the more nutrition your pet benefits from, the less you are likely to pick up as waste.

Halo says the Proof is in the Poop. You better believe it. Just ask my dad. He loves talking about my poop—especially when there’s less of it.

– Manny the Frenchie